Talk Time

Talk Time
Necessary Evil EP

Included within the Talk Time Necessary Evil EP NFT player token are all of the liner notes you would expect in a deluxe gatefold packaging. Artwork (created by the band’s own Mike Nissen), lyrics, credits, and also story behind each song is included in the player’s UI. Both editions of the album NFT come with all the experience (utility) that NFTs can offer in the form of token gated access to future Talk Time events, airdrops, presale list to other upcoming Props Labs NFT projects, and more (including early listening access to the forthcoming EP produced by 9x Grammy winning Darrell Thorp [Radiohead, Beck, Paul McCartney] at Village Studios in Los Angeles).

Open mint: 0.025ETH
Minters of an Open Edition have a chance to receive a Deluxe Edition as their transaction confirms on chain. Only 100 total 'upgrades' are available for Open Edition mints.

Deluxe Edition: 0.05ETH
Supply of 200: 100 direct mints + 100 available chance upgrades from Open Edition mints.